I only like Spark, Why should I become a distributor?

I get asked this question a lot from people who want to continue drinking Spark, but don’t have any interest in becoming a distributor.  I understand that they don’t want the headache of running a business and just like the product.  The problem that I have with this mindset is that these people could be saving a ton of money every year.

The Cost of Becoming an Advocare Distributor

The sign up costs are pretty low for people just wanting a discount on a great product.  $79 gets you signed up.  Advocare sends you a distributor kit after signing up.  This kit contains 3 boxes of Spark.  After this initial cost, you will recieve a 20% discount on all orders.  There is an annual recurring fee of $50 to stay on as a distributor.

Advocare Math

3 boxes of Spark at full price: $68.85
Advocare Distributor sign up costs: $79
Difference of $10.15

1 Canister of Spark at full price: $51.95
1 Canister of Spark with 20% distributor discount: $41.56
Total savings of $10.39

If you buy more than two canisters of Spark per a year, you will begin to see the savings that becoming a distributor gives you.  So, why become a distributor if you only drink spark?  To save you money!!

Become a distributor

Become an advocare distributor